The very first book of the brand new children's series, My Name Is Spit, has been released! Use the link below to purchase a copy, and scroll down to check out the summary, meet some friends in the book, and learn about the author, Daniel Isenberg.


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4th grader Sam Spitero is used to hanging out at home after school playing video games and listening to music. But when his mom gets a new job with late hours, he’s forced to switch his routine and go to an after-school program at the Boys & Girls Club—which he’s not happy about. He likes playing basketball in the gym, but the kids from across town pick on him because he’s short.

But when Sam joins the club’s new Hip-Hop Workshop, he makes friends with kids who share his same interest in music, and starts rapping under his new alias: Spit. The only problem is, he’s too nervous to rap in front of anyone!

As Spit and his friends prepare for the big Rap Royale talent show, they learn the steps to creating their own basketball-themed hip-hop song and performance from scratch. But after weeks of hard work and rehearsals, will Spit’s stage fright hold them back from winning the grand prize?

Meet The Dunkers!
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Name: Sam Spitero
Nickname: Spit
Grade: 4th
Group Role: MC
Hobbies: Writing rhymes, recording music, playing basketball, playing video games, riding BMX bikes, collecting sports cards.
Name: Kareem Wilson
Nickname: K-Wet
Grade: 7th
Group Role: MC/Producer
Hobbies: Writing rhymes, making beats, playing basketball, reading graphic novels, mentoring younger Boys & Girls Club members.
Name: Madeline Hernandez
Nickname: Maddie
Grade: 5th
Group Role: Dancer/Designer
Hobbies: Making up dance routines, designing clothes, taking photos, painting, playing tennis, watching music videos.
Name: Jennifer Yoh
Nickname: Jenny
Grade: 5th
Group Role: Dancer/Designer
Hobbies: Making up dance routines, designing clothes, playing soccer, reading chapter books, making bracelets, taking care of animals.
Name: Max Diaz
Nickname: Max D
Grade: 4th
Group Role: DJ/Producer
Hobbies: DJing, making beats, listening to old records, reading comic books, playing chess, doing science experiments.

Daniel Isenberg is a creative director at a global sports and entertainment marketing agency and a hip-hop music journalist who has written features for Complex, Pitchfork, XXL, Def Jam Records and more. He is also a Grammy-nominated songwriter for his work on Matisyahu’s Youth LP.

My Name is Spit: The Dunk Dance is inspired by Isenberg’s seven years as the Cultural Arts Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester, and his three basketball and music-loving children.

Daniel Isenberg
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